Sunday, January 26, 2014

Frankston Sand Sculpting Festival 2014

Frankston Sand Sculpting Festival 2014

It is Australia Day and Caroline and I took a trip to Frankston to see the annual Sand Sculpting Festival. It was quite appropriate to see this waterside festival on Australia Day, the celebration of the creation of Australia as a nation. Surprisingly, it wasn't as busy as I was expecting, especially as it only cost $12.50 per adult. Anyway, it made things better, as photography wasn't impaired by hordes of tourists. 

The theme of the festival this year was StoryLand, and the sculptures represented well known children's characters. There were timeless classics such as Beatrix Potter and C. S. Lewis, to modern classics such as J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter, which was, not surprisingly, a very popular attraction. The detail was fantastic, and the depictions were unbelievably realistic, or at least true to the literary and film characterisations. Like last year, this festival is a precursor for the Australian Sand Sculpting in Surfer's Paradise on Queensland's Gold Coast. Besides the fact that it was a beautiful sunny day, in the mid 20's C, and with barely a cloud in the sky, there isn't really much to add without photographic evidence. So here's some pictures to marvel at and enjoy. The festival goes on until 27th April, and it really is worth the trip down the peninsula.

Are we sitting comfy, then I shall begin

Jumanji...dare you roll the dice?

A tower of Mr Men and Little Misses

Discovering Dragons

Dumbledore from Harry Potter

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Beatrix Potter's Peter Rabbit
Charlotte's Web

An Angry Bird!

Was that a good story?

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