Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Australasian Masters Round 4

Before things started in the fourth round, there was a postponed game between Stephen Solomon and James Morris, which Stephen won. With this win, he moved into equal first place with Erik Teichmann, and the 2 were to meet in the fourth round. We had to move out of the main room at Box Hill Chess Club as there was a coaching session at the club, but we were in the main analysis room which suited fine. The only downside for the event was the lack of DGT transmission which has been expertly provided for by our hosts at Box Hill Chess Club. The fourth round was full of drama, the pairings and results were:

Solomon-Teichmann 1-0
Steadman-Rujevic Draw
Cheng-Gorka 0-1
Illingowrth-Levi 1-0
Morris-Smirnov Draw

I didn't see much of the top game, but when I looked early on, Erik seemed to be doing fine though the position was complicated. The game next to me was an amazing fight between Mike Steadman and Mirko Rujevic. At one point everything seemed to be hanging and both sides were about to promote, and to much amusement they both did promote so we had 4 queens on the board in a game at the masters! However, not long after the exchanges came and a draw was agreed. Max Illingworth and Eddy Levi did it the other way round, exchanging virtually everything except queen's and pawns, with Max a pawn ahead which he was able to convert, though not easily. Vladimir Smirnov seemed to have an edge for a long time against James Morris and the game eventuated in an ending of bishop and pawn versus knight. James was able to draw this, though I didn't see how. It may be a subject for the MCC Endgame group in the future. And then my game was a 5 hour epic, where it looked as if I was getting crushed in the opening with a Bxh7 trick, but it didn't quite work and I came into a queenless middlegame with the 2 bishops and an edge. After some inaccuracies from my opponent I won material, but then had to give most of it back to finally enter a winning rook and pawn endgame.

The standings after 4 rounds:
4. Solomon
3. Teichmann
2.5 Cheng, Smirnov
2. Gorka, Illingworth
1.5 Rujevic, Steadman
1. Morris
0. Levi

Black is allowing white to take on h7, which he did!
I've won a piece, but look at that wrong coloured a-pawn for the bishop. White has some drawing chances here if black isn't careful.
The final ending where I was able to first cut white's king off along the h-file, and then across the fourth rank. Even though it is a rook's pawn, white's king is just too far from the action. Apparently, Ian Rogers, who was present said this ending was theoretically winning for black, and I'll take his word!

Stepehn Solomon and Erik Teichmann before their top of the table clash.

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