Thursday, April 7, 2011

MCC Endgame Group 6/4/11

Today we had a look at some interesting endgames played by members of the MCC. The current tournament in progress has thrown up some endgames of note, while MCC Secretary, John Beckman offered one of his recent endgames from the Ballarat event. This particular endgame was full of tricks and counterchances and as a group we found it difficult to accurately assess the positions. It would be a great endgame to analyse in depth for any player aspiring to improve their endgame knowledge.

And from the early rounds of the MCC club championship there was this excellent effort from the 11 year old sensation to hold his nerve against an IM. Guy west blundered with 29..Bf8 but was still probably not expecting to be beaten by Karl Zelesco. However, the junior handled the immediate tactics perfectly, and then continued through the technical stage comfortably to produce a stunning performance. A few weeks ago, Ascaro Pecori told the group of the play of an 8 year old which he had rated as the best he had ever seen by a child that age. This endgame by an 11 year old left a similar impression on me!

There is a prize of $50 for the best endgame played by an MCC member at an MCC tournament in 2011, and as I am personally nominating the one above it has become the benchmark for which future endgames will be judged.

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