Saturday, November 19, 2011

Time to....

....start blogging again. I really like blogging, and the best thing about it is if your life gets too busy, you just can lay off for a while until you have time. I have had to take a break, feeling not so good at times, and being really busy at work. But the light is at the end of the tunnel :)

I now have a new hobby which is running, and I will be posting more about that in the future. It took a while to get to a consistent level, but it finally seems to have got there. I've been unbelievably busy teaching, helping to develop teaching programs, and developing chess coursework material. I've also been writing a little bit for the British Chess Magazine.  I have played virtually no chess over the past 3 months but this will be changing soon. I have already started working on my game a bit, and intend to play more in 2012. Saying that, I will still help out at the Melbourne Chess Club, and will probably try to be arbiter of at least 1 tournament next year.

Coffee is my other passion, and I'm hopefully going to get some to some more cafes around Melbourne bringing my own opinions of the good, and not so good. My beautiful wife has passed on her old camera, so I might be able to get some good shots of my good shots!

Ok, I'm off to watch the games of the Tal Memorial, which has really caught my interest and has me working hard on some analysis.The official site is in Russian, so I'm following it on the Internet Chess Club, and The Week in Chess.

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