Thursday, July 26, 2012

5 in a row

A fantastic position from the under 16 Championship of the British Championship. It's not often you see 5 pawns on the e-file. I had a quick search in Big Database 2008 (yes I'm a cheapo who owns an old database and updates myself from TWIC) and turned over the following 8 games which all had an identical central pawn structure.

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You can scroll through the games via the drop down menu in the title bar.

Meanwhile, Don Mason continues to have a great first week to the British with a draw against GM Stuart Conquest. Don now has white against James Jackson who had his unbeaten start ended by GM Gormally. There are now 2 outright leaders in Gawain Jones and Stephen Gordon. These 2 GM's play off today, but it is too early to start thinking about a winner.

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