Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Running Update

That is such a funny title as my running update is basically that I haven't done any for a couple of months! The last time I was running was in early December, then I traveled to England where friend and family commitments got in the way. When I came back to Australia I was initially jetlagged, and then came down with a heavy cold where I found it hard to breathe. That's been gone for about a week or a little longer, so there is no excuse but to start the exercise regime again. And there is no better motivation than a set goal (but more on that later!).

When I was last regularly running I was working out for up to 1 hour 30 minutes and going distances up to 15km. I was running 3 or 4 times a week averaging about 5.30-5.45 minutes per km. I was never too much concerned about pace, but distance is my main goal, and I would dearly like to run a half marathon (21km). Today, I went out for the first time in 2 months, ran about 3km (and that was exhausting) for a 20 minute workout which was made easier because I stopped to take a phone call after about 2km! Like all people who have lost fitness will know, when getting back to it, it is always the first week that is the hardest to get through. There is a mental hurdle to overcome just to get out, and then the disappointment with realising just how unfit you've become. After the first few sessions expect some aches because they will come! But of course it is not all bad. Once begun improvement comes quickly as you find a routine and progress to greater workouts.

The Train also races!

To be honest I had been putting this awful day of pain off. I knew it would be tough and had made excuse after excuse not to work out. But this changed today when I received an email from the Puffing Billy Railway notifying me of their 2013 edition. Last year I ran the race, and I have set myself the goal of running it again this year. In fact I just entered before starting this blog post. The race is just over 13km and there are a couple of painful hills, but there is also some beautiful countryside through the Dandenong Ranges and the fact that you are not only running with/against other people, but also against the steam engine Puffing Billy itself! Having entered the race, I now have to sit down and write a plan of how I will get myself into shape to actually run over 13km. I have just under 3 months to do this as the race is on May 5th. This week I have set the target of 3 running workouts with an aim of being able to walk at the end of the week. Next week I'll start building on this, but the progress will be careful to start with as the last thing I want to do is overtrain and cause an injury.

Me before the 2012 Puffing Billy Run

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