Thursday, May 16, 2013

Fitness and Charities

Over the past couple of years I've enjoyed taking up running as physical exercise. I used to run a bit when I was younger, but not like I am now. I try to get out 3 times a week and my main aim is to get fit enough to run a half marathon. I've run 15 km before so I've only got another 6 to find! I've had a few breaks from running in this 2 year period, mainly due to being unwell, but have got back into a rhythm and have found a way of fitting my 3 runs in each week during my very full timetable.

Eventually, I'd like to be a regular race runner, not for competitive reasons (I'm never going to be fastest anything!!) but for the challenge and hopefully to collect for a worthwhile charity. We are all individuals who's lives have been through many things, and because of this, each person may find certain charities more important than others. For instance, my father has diabetes, so that is a cause I feel that I would be happy to donate to and collect for. Also, as an animal lover, I know the need for income form the various shelters who do a magnificent job of looking after stray animals and fining them new homes. So beware, because I may be  asking you to donate in the future!

Funnily enough I remember driving along the beach road earlier in the year on a public holiday and there were some pretty crazy drivers down there, trying to impress I don't know who with their dodging and manouvering, overtaking and undertaking! But that day the major intersections saw collectors shaking tins at the parked cars and almost everyone, boy racers included, rolled down their window and threw some coins in. Of course, it was Good Friday and the Children's Hospital is a charity that most people will want to help.

There are of course many people already doing this and a group has come to my attention who are taking the challenge with the Ride to Conquer Cancer and if anyone wants to donate they can follow the easy instructions in the link. Even if you don't donate, then please read the story on the page because people who do these things usually have a reason for doing them and this story is as heartfelt as can be.

Cycling has never really been my thing, but my wife, Caroline loves it and will be going for the Round the Bay in a Day which happens in the Spring here in Melbourne. I'm not sure what length of ride Caroline is planning on doing or whether she will collect for charity (as a nurse she already does her fair share for society, besides donating regularly to charities), but she has started her training program and all going well will give it her best shot.

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