Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End of the Millenium

Yes, I know it's New Year's Eve 2013, but that's not what I'm talking about here. For the past....actually, I can't remember how many years....for a long time, I have religiously gone to Mark Crowther's The Week in Chess site once a week to download the files of chess games he compiles. Actually, I go there a lot more, as his coverage of chess news is excellent, and the site even allows one to follow live games.

Well, today I made my weekly visit to TWIC and noticed that we're on issue number 999. If you're a chess player, and you've never used The Week in Chess, then make a resolution for 2014 and start. If you do start with the first edition of 2014 (due out in a week's time) then you will be starting with issue 1000!

Congratulations to Mark Crowther on creating, and maintaining this phenomena, and on reaching this truly amazing landmark. And remarkably, these games have been on the internet for free all this time. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would happily pay for this fantastic chess resource.

So, here's a game from the latest TWIC, number 999. We all love a king hunt, and when it happens between top Grand Masters it's even better. Here, the loser of this game has the modest rating of 2622! He was, however, playing someone rated 2705 who was prepared to sacrifice to expose an uncastled king, and then drag it to open area of the board. Enjoy :)

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