Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hong Kong

Just a quick post because it's late and early tomorrow morning I'm flying to Hong Kong with my lovely wife Caroline. This is going to be essentially a city break, but when you're a British Expat living in Australia, a visit to Hong Kong still seems like a trip of a lifetime. That's one of the beauties of moving across the World; it brings a whole set of other places nearer to you. I remember driving to Adelaide a couple of years back and thinking how amazing that was, and how I probably would never have done that on just a holiday from the UK to Australia.

Caroline and I love city breaks. Exploring the streets of a city, it's history and culture is something that really appeals to us. In the past we've been to New York, Amsterdam, Budapest, Salzburg and Kuala Lumpur. We've been to a lot of other places too, but these spring to mind. All cities have a vibe to them (or many vibes depending on which district you find yourself in), and a cultural heritage that is great to find out about. I'll be posting about our trip to Hong Kong here over the next week. Unfortunately, chess will not be getting much of a look in for the next week, even though the chess world is full of excitement at the moment.

Anyway, I have no photo's of Hong Kong yet, so here's one I nicked from Wikipedia.

View of Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong (wikipedia)

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