Sunday, March 15, 2015

Happy Days

Today it's Mother's Day! Well, at least it's Mother's Day in the UK where my mother is, even if it isn't Mother's Day in Australia where I live. In fact here in Australia, we celebrate Mother's Day the second Sunday in May which is when it was originally founded by US President Woodrow Wilson, along with a bunch of other countries. But other countries celebrate Mother's Day throughout the year, such as many middle eastern countries on 21st March (Vernal Equinox), South Korea on 8th May as part of their traditional Parent's Day celebration, France, Sweden and some others who celebrate it at the end of May/start of June to coincide with Pentecost and Russia at the end of November. It's somewhat bizarre that with all the worldwide days that there are for various reasons the World can't find one to celebrate mothers which is universally agreed upon (it's also pretty cool that different countries hold to their traditions and celebrate mothers in their own way).

Pi Pie

What really got me thinking about this was yesterday being Pi Day, a celebration of mathematics. I'm beginning to think the World has gone a bit mad when we have to attribute a day to an irrational number, but then again it probably isn't the most bizarre day there is. I mean, chess has a international day (July 20th) and we in Victoria have a public holiday for a horse race (first Tuesday in November) and celebrate the birthday of a Monarch of a different country (not sure what will happen when that Monarch passes away).

If you really want to see some excellent day of the year go to a site like this one and check some out. My birthday is October 18th and that day will see the celebration of 'no beards', 'toy camera's
' (a shifting holiday, so I'm honoured this year) and 'chocolate cupcakes' (an American national day, but one that might deserve an international flavour).

Caroline's birthday is December 20th which is the day of celebrating going carolling (the Sunday before Christmas so this will change yearly), 'Games Day' (predominately UK) and 'Sangria Day'.

December 20th, Sangria Day!

Of course, there are plenty of serious days which raise awareness of various issues, or celebrate events of historical importance. But then again there are the bizarre ones. So today, Mother's in the UK share their day with:

True Confessions - this holiday is copyrighted so don't try to move it or use it for your own ends!
Brutus - another copyrighted invention to celebrate the art of the back stab!
Buzzards - limited to Ohio, USA (though this might actually be next Sunday)

And seeing March 2015 is, among other things, Caffeine Awareness Month, I feel the need for coffee. While I'm having my coffee I am going to start celebrating my own 'Think of a thing to have a day to celebrate day'.

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