Saturday, September 19, 2015

Coffee is Taking Over from Chess for a While

Just to let you all know that this blog will be turning into a travelogue for the next month.

I'm taking a vacation which starts in about 7 hours (currently taking a break from packing and cleaning the house)  which will take Caroline and I to Holland, Belgium, France and England. We might pop into Switzerland and Spain on the way round, who knows?

While we are road tripping, we will have a few stops on the way. So we're spending a short time in Annecy, Le Puy and Carcassone to explore those areas a little more, before getting to England where our time will be split between Caroline's and my own families.

What am I looking forward to? Well besides hopefully seeing some beautiful French countryside, and experiencing some of the culture and history of rural France, it is the food that is uppermost in my mind at the moment, and especially the bread and cheese (yes, I admit that this could turn into a bit of a Wallace and Gromit blog).

The Emirates flight from Melbourne will take us to Amsterdam via Kuala Lumpur and Dubai, and will leave at about 2.30 am Sunday morning, and land at about 8 pm Sunday night. We then have a full day in Amsterdam before heading south to France.

So far, all the roadtrips I've had with Caroline have been amazing, so I'm getting pretty excited about this one. Here's a couple of memories from the last roadtrip in the USA.

Caroline touching a Dinosaur Bone

Me at Arches National Park in Utah

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