Tuesday, December 29, 2015


What do you do in the build up to a big event? I'm playing in the Australian Chess Championship which starts in 4 days, so what should I be doing now? Well, today I took to the same approach as I do when training for a half marathon, and started to wind down. I've done plenty of chess work over the past few weeks, and I thought that a day out with Caroline was what was needed.

Melbourne saw almost perfect weather today, with temperatures in the mid 20's and little wind or humidity to talk about. So we took advantage of this and ventured into the Yarra Valley. We drove through Healesville, and on to Marysville, one of the towns that we remember for the awful fires of 2009.

The scenery was absolutely amazing, with beautiful colours and fabulous scents of eucalyptus and, at times, pines. The drive to Marysville took a long time, as we were stopping to walk or to just look. The sky was a rich blue which contrasted excellently with the silvers and greens of the trees and ferns. It was a short day trip that lifts the spirit and reminds one why Melbourne, Victoria, is the place to live.

Healesville Reservoir

Amazing blue sky contrasted by the eucalypts



Eucalypt forest on Black Spur between Healesville and Marysville

It's a long way up

Watts River

Revell's Falls, Healesville Reservoir Maroondah Park

Friendly and a bit cocky!

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