Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Variation on a Theme of Torre-Lasker

When I teach chess to kids (and adults for that matter) I love to teach classic games with clear motifs. I can teach something of the rich history and culture around the game as well as showing useful patterns and techniques. The classic example of a Windmill is the game Torre-Lasker Moscow 1925 where the Mexican genius beat ex-World Champion Emanuel Lasker using a spectacular queen sacrifice. The lead play to this sacrifice is rich in tactical ideas with plenty of thrust and counter thrust going on.

So here is the position where Torre famously sacrificed his queen with 25.Bf6!! There followed 25..Qxh5 26.Rxg7+ Kh8 27.Rxf7+ [The Windmill motif] 27..Kg8 28.Rg7+ 

Here's the windmill in visual mode. White's rook unleashes a discovered check from the bishop and after taking pieces on the rank, rebounds back to g7 to check and start the process over again.

To make this point even more vivid to young students, I have altered the position slightly allowing for more captures and a mating pattern at the end of the line.

Here's my improved Variation on a Theme by Torre-Lasker. Now, 25.Bf6!! Qxh5 26.Rxg7+ will be followed by captures on f7, e7, c7, b7, a7 and finally the Ra1 will take on a8 with unstoppable mate on f8. Not an improvement on the classic, but a more vivid example for young minds to cope with! The knight on e3 even stops Qd1 mate at the end!

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