Tuesday, January 16, 2018

New New Zealand

I have been to the south island of New Zealand four times now. The beauty, freshness and peace never cease to amaze me. Each time, Caroline and I have favoured the west and central regions being blown away by mountains and fjords. This time we spent a little time in the south and briefly skirted the east coast. They didn't disappoint.

The south is full of lakes and rugged coastline. It is an area I'd like to explore more with the natural sanctuary, Stewart Island probably the top on my bucket list now.

Hauntingly still lake, Fortrose

Rugged Coastline around Waipapa Lighthouse
Rock pools are resting grounds for seals and sea lions

Bull Kelp washing up at Curio Bay

Curio Bay 170 million year old petrified forest

Curio Bay petrified forest has impressive surf in the backgorund

The Catlins have beautiful forested areas that I also want to go back to. The brief taste wasn't satisfying enough.

Purakanui Falls were looking good

The east coast from Dunedin to Christchurch has another wonderfully interesting coastline and Oamaru, would be good place to be based.

There were plenty of NZ fur seals quite close at Shag Point

Weird 60 million year old Moeraki Boulders
Oamaru is a good base for the east coast, especially for steampunk fans
As much as I love the west coast and the central mountainous regions that I have visited before, the new parts of New Zealand were a joy to discover. Caroline and I will be travelling back to find out more about these beautiful parts of the world when we can!

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