Thursday, February 17, 2011

MCC Championships Round 2

The second round of the Club Championships still saw big rating differences between opponents, but this didn't stop the upsets happening, the biggest probably being my own loss to Richard McCart who is rated about 400 points lower than me! Still, like everyone else, I enjoy seeing a few upsets on the scoreboard, even if it is my name on the receiving end. The top seeds are playing good enough chess, some finding life easier than others.

We now have a live game going on Monday night's at the MCC, where the board 1 match will be displayed. This week, our young Irish visitor stepped up tot he plate to face GM Darryl Johansen. Garth Fitzmaurice wasn't scared to offer some material in order to generate attcking chances, but perhaps he over stepped the mark a bit.

The board 2 game was postponed until Tuesday as there is the odd chess player out there with romantic tendencies, and the round was scheduled for Valentine's Day. So on the 15th February, IM Guy West took on Kozo Simutanyi.

The young players, Cheng, Wallis and Morris all won fairly easily and will be a handful for anyone is this tournament.

Dusan Stojic found it a bit tougher against the wily Richard Voon, but won in the end.

Round 3 is being played this Monday, and some of the big guns are due to meet up in what promises to be the most exciting and competitive round to date.

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