Monday, August 12, 2013

Glen Eira Chess Club

At long last it appears that we are regaining some people at Glen Eira Chess Club. I think a combination of new venue, winter illnesses, poor weather and the climax of junior winter sports have contributed to our recent lack of numbers. But this week we came close to the 20 people through the door that we really want to sustain the club. Like any new venture, a core number of regular members will maintain the vibrancy and energy of the club, and that provides a platform from which the club can grow. At the moment there are a lot of juniors playing, but they are of a sufficient quality to justify their presence. Gal, who I struggled to overcome last week took a 1900 scalp this week, so I'm feeling better about the tough time he gave me.

Winter Robin (photo from BBC)
This week we continued the Round Robin events that we'd started the week before. The top group now has 6 players and we envisage the possibility of another 2 players maximum. We've come up with a snappy name. These will be called the Winter Robins. The second group is much larger than the first so it may be a tournament with some gaps, but most games will be played. Everyone seems to be enjoying the new venue and there is a friendly feel to the evening. Once again, I extend a welcome to anyone who wants to come along.

This week I had to play a student of mine who is quite good tactically. I chose as quiet a set up I could manage against his Dragon, and was lucky that he was feeling a bit off colour and made a couple of blunders. This is the game.

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