Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Hidden Gems Twelve B Cafe, Hawthorn

Where does this passage off Glenferrie Road lead to?

Melbourne is a great city. It doesn't have the big WOW that some cities have, but it has a gentle vibe and it really grows on you. There are many suburbs to explore, each with its own distinctive flavour. On a Tuesday morning I find myself around the Camberwell/Hawthorn area and when I've got a bit of time to spare I head to the suburb of Glenferrie to chill out. Actually, I make a detour there now as I've found this amazing little cafe.
Twelve B Cafe
It doesn't look much from the outside, but this is one great little cafe with an absolutely fantastic coffee. In fact, there are just a couple of tables inside, and a couple outside, and to get to it, you have to walk up an alley from Glenferrie Road which leads to the train station. Actually, when I reread that last sentence it sounds terrible, but nothing could be further from the truth. The vibe is great, and the staff are genuinely friendly. I've been back 5 or 6 times recently and the quality of the Gravity coffee remains high. My long black is smooth and creamy, with little to no bitterness and a delicate sweetness. It's not an overpowering flavour or hit, which is great as it means you can have two coffees!

But what really makes it for me is the music, all old time records on vinyl played on a deck. I was in there this morning reading, having a coffee and some porridge while listening to Pink Floyd on vinyl. The music stopped, and the guy behind the counter stepped round and turned the record over. Brings back memories!
This is a must go to if you're in the area, great coffee, great atmosphere and real music. What more could you ask for?

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