Sunday, September 29, 2013

Amazing Sights

Horseshoe Bend in the late afternoon

Caroline and I have spent the day in Page, Arizona. Page is situated on the edge of Lake Powell, a reservoir that was created in the 1960's and now a beautiful playground for water sports. Page is also situated on the edge of the Navajo Nation, and there are many areas sacred to the Navajo in the region. To top things off, Page is also right next to the Colorado River, and more importantly for tourists, the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. So there is plenty to do for a day around Page.

Our first trip was to Antelope Canyon, an area sacred to the Navajo and one of the most photogenic areas in the world. It is illegal to go to the canyon without a guide, so we booked on to a tour and were driven along a dry river bed to the canyon. While there are tours going through the canyon all day, apparently, the best time to go for light is at 10.30 am. Photographers will understand what I'm talking about better than I do! We were very lucky to pick up 2 spots on today's 10.30 am tour, as I don't think there were many more left! Our guide Rob was excellent, showing us how to use our cameras optimally, and directing us to the best spots for taking photo's. Even a duffer like me managed to get some good pictures. Caroline, who is an amazingly good photographer would have some fantastic images, though we'll have to wait until she gets home and processes them before seeing them.

Colours and a glow in Antelope Canyon

The light shines through into Antelope Canyon
This excursion lasted about an hour and a half, though the time flew by as we were engrossed with the sights in the canyon. It truly is a magical place, worthy of worship and a must see for anyone who is visiting this area.

After Antelope Cnyon we took a walk to Lake Powell, and then to Horseshoe Bend. The road to Lake Powell had been broken, probably by flooding, so we had to walk the 4 mile round trip, and it was pretty hot. Catching views of the lake was worth it. Then it was another hike to Horseshoe Bend, an overlook into the Colorado River from way up high. Today has truly been a day of spectacular views, which I don't think can be topped. I suppose the Grand Canyon tomorrow might stand a chance.

A rocky road to the beautiful Lake Powell

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