Tuesday, September 24, 2013


Yellowstone is a must see. It has everything. Whatever you have on your bucket list, make room for Yellowstone. Established back in 1872, it is America, and (probably) the World's oldest National Park, an area of natural conservation. And natural conservation was needed, and even after the establishment of the park, poaching of species that were becoming endangered continued. National Park status has enabled scientific and environmental research to define issues that were previously unknown. Our understanding of the lives of bears is a case in point where research has established that hibernation is not undertaken by bears and a number of behavioural patterns have been recognised.

We only had one day to drive around the park, where one month would probably be just enough to satisfactorily scratch the surface. So we started early and finished late and drove a loop around the southern part of Yellowstone only. However, in that time we drove through the spectacular Grand Teton Mountain Range, saw Geysers erupt, smelled and observed boiling mud springs, followed beautiful river valleys and came close to some amazing wildlife. All told, we were out for about 14 hours, and what follows is a photo blog of the day.

Mt Albright lookout, Grand Teton National Park
Caroline at the entrance to America's first National Park
Lewis River, Yellowstone National Park
Old Faithful Geyser eruption can be as big as an 18 storey building
Excelsior Geyser
Animals roam free like this Pronghorn Antelope
The wierd and immensely smelly, mud volcanoes
They may roam free, but do not approach! Buffalo are protected in the National Park and can be dangerous
Lake Yellowstone at sunset
"World Peace Table" at Jackson Lake Lodge used by Baker and Shevardnadze to sign deals in 1989. Yellowstone lodges are used for summits. We were pleased to see a "Great Ape Summit" happening while we were there
Wolves at Gizzly and Wolf Discovery Centre, West Yellowstone

Grizzly Bear at Grizzly and Wolf Discovery Centre

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