Thursday, December 4, 2014

How To Become a Strong Player.

Ari Dale of the Melbourne Chess Club has travelled to Europe the last couple of years to take part in serious competitions. I guess if Australia has a limited amount of events, then good players, or aspiring players have to seek opposition elsewhere. Ari had the result of his life last year, winning the third section of the annual Wijk aan Zee event in Holland So he was invited to play in the second tournament, the challengers, the winner of which will be invited to play in the prestigious top event with the likes of Magnus Carlsen playing.

The field for the challengers has just been announced, and it's going to be tough work, but an amazing experience for Ari Dale.

So in current rating order, that is:

2727 GM Navara
2668 GM Wei (only 15 years old)
2642 GM Shankland
2613 GM L'Ami
2608 GM Potkin
2606 GM van Kampen
2592 GM Timman (and all time legend)
2586 GM Salem
2554 GM Michiels
2552 GM Gunina
2514 GM Klein
2511 GM Sevian (only 13 years old, he'll be 14 when the tournament starts!)
2360 WIM Haast
2252 IM Ari Dale

Good luck Ari, have a great experience and know that you've got the whole MCC and Australian chess cheering you on!

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