Tuesday, December 30, 2014

MCC Youtube Channel

When I joined the Melbourne Chess Club committee some 5 or 6 years ago, little did I believe how the club would be turned around. It hasn't all been plain sailing but the MCC is a vibrant chess hub in Melbourne, Australia, and even further afield.

One of the new strengths of the club is its internet presence. The club website is attractive, easily navigable, and informative. The MCC's use of multimedia to make the club and the game more appealing has been excellent. Check out the club's Youtube Channel here.

The recent series of lectures by IM Guy West and GM Ian Rogers about Greg Hjorth are not surprisingly proving very popular. Meanwhile, here is an interesting tournament report by International Arbiter Gary Bekker about the 2014 Australasian Masters tournament

The MCC are determined for this branch of the club to grow and so more videos will be regularly uploaded to the channel. I'm heartened to see that there are contributions from players of all standards. I think it is important for all players to have their say, and while it is great to get the analytical skills of strong titled players like Ian Rogers or Guy West, it is equally important to hear opinions from players of all strengths.

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