Thursday, April 30, 2015

Melbourne Chess Club News

Chess Street Art adorns the MCC

The MCC has a great vibe about it at the moment. I only turn up on a Monday which is great fun. The tournaments this year have been played in a competitive but friendly spirit. I also turned up to the Wednesday novice night, which was really fun, and it was good to meet a new group of players. Saturdays see the weekly allegro played and if participation rates are anything to go by, these tournaments are successful and enjoyable to the players who take part. So as I said, the club is absolutely buzzing at the moment.

So it comes as no surprise that the 2016 Australian Championship is to be organised by the MCC. What had been a rumour is now somewhat more.The tournament is scheduled for 2-12 January 2016, and will be held at Fitzroy Town Hall.

The blitz event is scheduled for Friday 8th January and will be held at the MCC and will be limited to 92 players.

I know the committee are looking to make the event a memorable one and as such anyone interested in providing commentary at the Championship should contact the MCC, or I could pass messages on!

And by the way, I was also told that a regular newsletter/club publication will be starting soon. This is a great initiative which hopefully will be supported by members of all strengths. I, for one, would be happy to write some articles on a regular basis, but interesting games and ideas by club members can make a club newsletter most interesting.

Last but not least, the current Monday night event which started this week, The City of Melbourne Open, is still accepting entries until round 3. And the next tournament on the horizon is the Victorian Open, held over the Queen's Birthday weekend of June 5th-8th. This is one of the most prestigious events in the Victorian Calendar. The tournament is limited to 92 players and about 30 have already entered, so if you intend to play, I'd think about getting an entry in soon.

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