Saturday, April 11, 2015

Slow News Day

One of the funniest threads on social media sources (in my opinion) is Slow News Day. My personal favourites are the sandwich board headlines outside shops, with "dramatic" headlines. eg.

I've spent much time laughing at this Twitter feed. I also use Twitter to follow the chess scene, and I was delighted to find another Slow News Day item in the chess feeds.

I checked out Twitter this morning and amidst the pictures of cats, and articles about World news and history that I follow, there was this drama unfolding which was the talking point of many chess twitter feeds.

However one looks at this:

- an over zealous arbiter going power crazy
- a rule about not being able to write things down
- a chess player ignoring a rule after being warned
- etc

If this constitutes news, then we in the chess world probably have to accept that chess will never command the front page of mainstream news like some other sports do.

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