Sunday, June 21, 2015

A Typical Sunday

You go into work on Monday and it's always the same question.

"How was your weekend?"

The answer:

"Went out Saturday night, then had a typical Sunday".

But what is a typical Sunday? Get up late? Big breakfast? Afternoon stroll? Sunday sport? Roast dinner? Family meal? Get ready for the working week? I thought I'd try to sum up a typical Sunday for me.

First and foremost my Sundays are a time to spend with my wife, Caroline. That is typical for me, in whatever way we choose to spend it. Today, for instance, we went to the South Melbourne Market to stock up on food for the week, then it was housework, mainly washing. So a pretty boring Sunday when it boils down to it. Is this typical?

A typical Sunday for me involves being with Caroline
Last Sunday we went for a day out, driving to Phillip Island. It has been some time since I visited Phillip Island as a tourist, and I vividly remember a day out some 9 or 10 years ago, not long after I'd emigrated. We spent some time retracing our steps. Our itinerary:

Late breakfast at San Remo
Beach walk at Woolamai
Trip to the Nobbies
Views of the Southern Coast
Tea at San Remo before leaving

We arrived in time to see Pelicans being fed at Sam Remo before having coffee and a quick bite at Bean'd. I have to say, that the coffee was probably the best I've had outside of Metropolitan Melbourne.
Late breakfast at San Remo
One of the beauties of Australian landscape are the varied beaches and seascapes. Phillip Island's southern coast has great surf beaches, like Woolamai and rock features such as the Nobbies and Pyramid Rock.

World famous surf beach at Woolamai
Eastern view from the Nobbies
Pyramid Rock
It was a beautiful crisp winter's day, with great views and enough sun to warm the day up. It takes less than 2 hours to drive to San Remo from where we live in Elsternwick, and many of the coastal walks are easy with boardwalks to help the environment. At the Nobbies, little penguins and other wildlife live on the coastal lands, so these are protected and people are only allowed to walk on designated areas. We didn't stay for the Penguin Parade, nor visit the wildlife sanctuaries on the island. We were content to see wallabies, fairy wrens, Cape Barren Geese, Pelicans and a Nankeen kestrel. Unfortunately we only had phones with us, so didn't get wildlife photos, but it was wonderful to see these great creatures.

Now, let me think back to the Sunday before that. Oh yes, that was dominated by a 17 km run in my training for a half marathon in July. And the Sunday before that? I can't remember, but I'm guessing it was another typical Sunday.

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