Friday, June 26, 2015

Glen Eira Chess Club

The Second Qualifying tournament of the year has finished, and the club is taking a short break. It was a good tournament for the girls as Sarah Anton came first with Rebecca Strickland second. Both players qualify for our end of year Championship. Third place went to our Dutch visitor J.J Nuitjen, but unfortunately J.J. will be heading back to Europe soon, so the third qualifying spot goes to young Daniel Poberezovsky. Daniel has had a good period of chess recently, scoring 4/7 at the Victorian Open, so it was a just reward that he got the third qualifying place.

That means with 2 tournaments down we have the following 6 players qualified for our end of year Championship:

FM Domogoj Dragicevic
Carl Gorka
Avto Frodiashvili
WCM Sarah Anton
Rebecca Strickland
Daniel Poberezovsky

The third, and final, qualifier starts on Friday July 24th and runs for 7 consecutive weeks. Besides the usual club members, IM James Morris has said he is a definite starter for this tournament, which will liven the event somewhat. James is defending champion at Glen Eira Chess Club, so it is good to see him back again!

Daniel Poberezovsky resetting the black pieces at the Australian Junior Championship in January 2015. Across the board is fellow Glen Eira member, Alistair McCutcheon

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