Friday, June 29, 2018

re Winning Moves

My last blog post was about the following position:

What is the best move for White? Well, if you saw that 1.Rxh6+ skewers Black's king and rook, and even better, forces Black to play 1..Ke5 which then pins the other rook, then good for you, you chose the same move as legendary Hungarian GM Lajos Portisch, and his opponent promptly resigned.

However, if you looked at other choices, you may have found that 1.Qd8 forces mate in a few moves. 1..Ke5 2.Re8+ with the nicest line probably 2..Kf4 3.Qxd2+ Qxd2 4.Re4#

Which is better? I guess the computers and purists would demand 1.Qd8+, but practically, 1.Rxh6+ wins easily, so it can't be considered bad.
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