Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Winning Moves

There are sometimes more than one way to win a position. If we don't choose the quickest, or the most stylish, or precise, how hard should we be on ourselves? I've noticed that sites with computer analysis of games like lichess promote accuracy, and will criticise moves that are ok but not best, especially if they win, but lose a level of advantage. As an example, trading a queen for a rook in a pawn endgame that allows a pawn to promote could be claimed to be inaccurate, even though many of us would see it as a practical way of realising an advantage and winning.

So in play, it's all about finding the best moves you can, while in analysis, it's all about finding the best moves there are. And I guess how hard we are on ourselves will depend on what sort of person we are, what level of perfection we strive for.

It's White to move in this position. White is winning and there is definitely more than one winning move. What would you play as White?

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