Thursday, August 19, 2010

Melbourne Chess Club Endgame Group

At my chess club, the Melbourne Chess Club, every Wednesday we run an endgame study group. The group meets about 7.30pm and is free to members of the MCC or $5 to non members per night or $20 for non members for the year. The object of the group is to discuss theoretical and practical endgames and thus improve the knowledge and playing strengths of the members of the group. How it works is that each week a member of the group is responsible for bringing in some study material for the group to look at, and then it takes off from there.

For example, tonight one of the group had an endgame of rook and pawn versus rook and 2 pawns which he'd played in the Victorian Championships recently. So I took some other materials for the group to look at and we talked generally about these sorts of endgames before trying to analyse the specific endgame.

The solution to yesterday's study:

Gurgenidze, D.
White to play and draw
1. Ka8 1. Kc8 Nc4 2. b7 Nd6+; 1. Kc7 Na4 2. b7 Nc5 3. b8=Q Na6+; 1. Kc6 Nc4 2. b7 Na5+; 1. Ka7 Nc4 2. b7 Na5 3. b8=Q Nc6+; 1. Ka6 Na4 2. b7 Nc5+; 1... Nc4 2. b7 Nb6+ 3. Kb8 Nd7+ 4. Kc8 (4. Kc7 Nc5) 4... d2 5. Kxd7 d1=Q+ 6. Kc7! 1/2-1/2

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