Saturday, August 14, 2010

Victorian Championships

I've been playing in this event over the past few weeks. It is very strong with 4 International Masters playing in the 12 player round robin. I'm ranked 10th in the field and half points would be a very good result for me. So far there have been 9 rounds and I've scored 4 points, 3 wins and 2 draws. At times I've played pretty good, but I've made a few shockers as well.

Todays game was a hard fought affair with the winner of the 2009 Reserves Tournament. An excellent part of the Victorian Championships is that a player can qualify for the event by winning the second tournament, and these reserves tournaments can be pretty strong in themselves. To sum up, I lost a pawn fairly early on, and then was fighting for a draw. The ending with rook and pawns was quite interesting, and will be the basis of more study. I was Black, and David Beaumont was White.

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