Friday, August 20, 2010

Victorian Championships penultimate round

Last night, the Melbourne Chess Club hosted the penultimate round of the 2010 Victorian Championships. It was a tense evening with 4 players still in contention for first place. IM Rujevic, Stojic, Wallis and IM Goldenberg were all seperated by a mere half point and to make matters more interesting, they all won. So we are in for a grand final round at Box Hill Chess Club in a week's time. These 4 players have pulled clear of the rest of us, with FM Bobby Cheng leading the second half of the field. But saying that, the games themselves have often been hotly contested and many could have gone either way. While I didn't see the other games last night, my game was one such point, where I sacrificed a pawn against Igor Goldenberg in order to gain piece activity and keep his king in the centre. Igor defended resolutely, and I missed my best chances which even so, would probably only have led to a draw.

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