Wednesday, September 29, 2010

A Day Trip to Oxford

I've never spent that much time in Oxford before, and was very pleased to be meeting some friends there. I was there about an hour early so went for a bit of a walk around the centre. There are some great old buildings with a rich history going back perhaps 1200 years. Besides the amazing University buildings, the museums and town houses, Oxford has a rich political and econmic history. Charles the first was based in Oxford for some time during the English Civil War of the 1640's, and of course, the Oxford Movement has recently been high in the British news as the Pope beatified John Henry Newman in his visit here last week. I met with some friends in a pub called The Jude the Obscure, named after the character from the Thomas Hardy book who perhaps may be described as the most tragic in the history of the novel.

 Old meets new in Oxford
 Bodleian Library
 Behind the Bodleian Library
 St Giles
 Ashmolean Museum
 Jude The Obscure
Oxford Castle

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