Wednesday, September 8, 2010

MCC Endgame Group 8/9/2010

Every Wednesday at the Melbourne Chess Club, a group of players have met to discuss and practice endgames. I have been bringing some endgames as a starting point for the discussions and then we usually try to play out some endgames. For instance, tonight the main talking point was the recent endgame played between Shirov and Wang Yue at the Shanghai Masters that finished with the ever popular Rook and Bishop v Rook without pawns.

Have a look at the endgame from where we started:


  1. So he keeps the pawn on the board so that black doesnt have a stalemating trick, and the pawn helps checkmate the black king?


  2. In some respect that's true, but really black should have pushed the pawn earlier forcing white to take it. Then he could have tried to set up a second rank defence. As it is, he could still have set up Cochranes Defence (check out the note to black's 56th move in the game).

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