Thursday, September 2, 2010

Victorian Teams Championship Round 4

On Tuesday 31st August, the MCC second team hosted Elwood Chess Club. Elwood turned up with a strong team outrating us on every board. The first game to finish was on board 2 where we had to forfeit as I couldn't find a fourth player for the night. But then our board 4, Victor Kildisas scored a draw against Doug Lindberg, getting us on the board. That left 2 games going, David beaumont was worse against Kerry Stead, and I was worse against Igor Goldenberg. At around the same time David sacked/lost a piece and I sacked/lost a pawn! We both fought on to the end showing our team spirit, but in the end both lost (though my game should have been drawn and I was pretty gutted by my final blunder) and Elwood CC were 3.5-0.5 winners.

The result means that we've jumped from a leader to a tailender over the space of 2 rounds. However, the division is incredibly close.

1. Noble Park CC, Yarra CC 6 points
3. Box Hill CC, Canterbury Juniors 5 points
5. MCC2, Elwood 4 points
7. MCC1 3 points

With only one win between first and last and 3 matches still to play, any team could win this contest. However, if I continue to make blunders like I did against Igor, then it won't be my team. This ending was deeply scrutinised by FM Bill Jordan the following night during the MCC Endgame Study Group with the conclusion that it should have been a solid draw.

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