Sunday, August 19, 2012

Best in the West - More pictures

Hobson's Bay Rogue's gallery!

Steve Hogan

Dean Hogg

Chris Mullin

Tony Davis

Start on round 4 Canfell-Dragicevic and Puccini-Dale (nearest)

Last gasp post: I won't be here much longer but I can say this. Hobson's Bay Chess Club have put on a good weekender which again goes to prove how many good players there are in the Melbourne area. A number of the young kids have proved competitive, taking points and draws from higher rated players. Even some of the giant killers have been slayed by a new breed. In the final round, Jack Puccini is playing his friend Ari Dale on board 2, knowing full well that Ari plays the Caro Kann as black. I don't know if Jack prepared this, but he played the 3.f3 fantasy variation and is currently an exchange up. Greg Canfell looks to be in control against Domagoj Dragicevic as the centre is just about to explode open.

Another giant-killer, Max Phillips
After beating Ari Dale, Jack Puccini sits on the top of the ladder with one game to go above him. The board 1 game between Canfell and Dragicevic is still going on and it looks as Greg is going good. He is one pawn ahead, with all bishops and rooks still on, though Domagoj does have more active pieces for now. Personally, I wouldn't bet against the material.


  1. Where is the charismatic Tsagarakis?

  2. Angelo had a terrible cold yesterday, so I guess he decided to not infect anyone any further and withdrew from the tournament