Monday, August 13, 2012

Melbourne Chess Calendar

I said yesterday that there is no end of chess in Melbourne at the moment. But soon after posting I thought to myself, where could I find out about this if I wanted to know where to play? At the moment the state governing body Chess Victoria has some information though it is hardly easy to follow, and nowhere near comprehensive. So I guess you would have to follow the links to the clubs themselves, or even non affiliated chess organisations which still run events. Wouldn't it be great for all these events to be linked together, and advertised in one place? Potential clashes could be avoided, or if events had to scheduled simultaneously, players would be able to make a choice.

I'm happy to give it a go here if anyone wants a place where all club events appear in one place. Would anyone find it useful? I tell you what, I'll even include the Australian and Oceania GP circuit and some international events. Of course, if anyone else wants to do it, then I'll be more than willing to let them!

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  1. Let me tell you a story. I run track in summer.. don't delete me, this is relevant. The athletics folks don't do things properly. Season starts early October.. about 6 or 7 weeks away. On weekends I have to work at certain times and I have no idea when my events are on. Every year it is the same. They wait until about two weeks to go, then publish the program! So when I'm planning my social and work calendar, I can't factor in athletics in the October part, so I invariably miss a lot of it.

    With chess I know: how many rounds, all the times, dates, venue, cost.. the lot. Put it all in one place and you will get more folks playing in the halls around the suburbs. It's a lot of bother going to all the different club sites.. and one or two of them suck.

    For the Melb area, MCC is Monday, Altona is Tuesday ('Yarraville' is the club name), Ranges is Wednesday (at Ferntree Gully), Croydon is Thursday, Box Hill is Friday, Noble Park is Saturday.