Monday, August 27, 2012

Olympiad 2012 Good luck to Australian Teams!

The opening ceremony of the 2012 Chess Olympiad is hours away, with games due to start tomorrow. It promises to be a close fought event with a number of teams who could battle for the medals. I will, of course, be supporting the Aussies (Smerdon, Ly, Wohl, Solomon, Illingworth; women. Caoilli, Guo, Yu, Nguyen, Dekic) though keeping an eye on the English team. Australia has also sent teams to the Youth Olympiad, and I will be following that closely as well, especially as I know many of the kids playing.

For a personal glimpse of the Olympiad, it will be well worth following the blogs of David Smerdon and  Alex Wohl though it may just be just as good to follow the twitter account of the top rated player in the event, Armenia's Levon Aronian!

World number 2 with Australian board 1 (Courtesy of Levon Aronian's Twitter account)

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