Monday, May 9, 2011

Blogger: Victorian Team Chess Championships - Create Post

At the weekend, I met with the President of Chess Victoria, Leonid Sandler, and a draw was made for the Victorian Teams Championships. There will be 3 round robin divisions though in the third division are only 4 teams, so that will run as a double round robin tournament. The first round will be played on Sunday 15th May at Box Hill Chess Club at 4.30pm, and there will be a captain's meeting at 3.30pm.

The draw for the first round is:

Division 1



Elwood Bye

Division 2





Division 3



There are still some teams who I don't have the squads for, and some teams that have small squads with places that can be filled. On Sunday, the captains will receive a full set of fixtures for the season, and the rules will be clarified before the event. To all players, helpers, captains and spectators remember this is an event in formation and any ideas to improve it in the future will be appreciated.

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