Thursday, May 5, 2011

Tournaments in Progress

The MCC Open started last Monday with about 40 players signing up to play. This is a good turn out for this event which is usually overshadowed by the Club Championship which comes directly before it. With 2 IM's and a host of strong players, it promises to be an interesting event, and I can't pick a favourite to take the event. The first round saw few upsets, though Shane Lawson did well to hold the ever improving Justin Tan to a draw, while Endre Simon also claimed a draw with a higher rated opponent in Richard Voon. Full results and the second round draw can be seen on the Tournaments in Progress page of the MCC website.

The top boards from the event will have carbon copies that will published here. I also hope to comment live on some of the rounds, though Blogger isn't working perfectly on this computer at the moment.

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  1. Ah so Rxg7 didn't work after all. nice spot by Domagoj, I missed his combination.