Sunday, May 29, 2011

MCC Open Games from rounds 3 and 4

Finally I have had some time to put these games into pgn and upload them. There have been some great fights over the past 2 rounds. Both IM's have moved on to 4/4 though not without some fortune. Rujevic seemed to be dead lost after blundering a pawn to Malcolm Pyke in round 4. The clock made things very difficult and Mirko was able to create some complications, though he was still losing. However, Malcolm over stepped the time limit while searching for possible saving perpetuals. Round 4 was in fact a round of time losses. David Beaumont lost on time in a dead level endgame against James Morris, gifting the IM a half point. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to piece all of this game together, but I will try to get the remainder of the game from the players. The other player to lose on time was John Dowling who seemed to be pressing for much of his game against Richard McCart, but in the time trouble he dropped a piece and found himself in difficulties.

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