Wednesday, May 25, 2011

MCC Openings Group 25/5/2011

This evening the Melbourne Chess Club Openings Group met and discussed a novelty which occurred in a game  of the ongoing tournament, the MCC Open. After a philosophical warm up where we thought about the relative merits of following theoretical paths to striking out into virgin territory, the group got down to business. The game that we looked at was from round 3 of the MCC Open between Domagoj Dragicevic and David Beaumont. It started as a Sicilian Dragon, and white chose the Levenfish Variation with 6.f4. This is not as topical as many lines in the Dragon, but still quite interesting. Beaumont chose a relatively rare move then in 6..Qa5 and after 7.Bb5+ Bd7

Domagoj chose a move which had previously not been played in 8.Qe2.

In the above position, the group came up with a number of alternative candidate moves. Previously, 8.O-O had been played but we also examined:


There may be other moves, but it took us quite a while to work our way through these, some of the analysis which we came up with is provided with the game.

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